SANYO Elevators

Sanyo elevator utilizes the industry’s latest and most advanced Japanese technology. The new generation SANYO elevator reformulate the standard of the 21st century elevator. From engine-machine system, wisdom computer control to the bold attempt of the whole cabin design, we provide you a all new remark plan which will surpass your need. More and more R&D technology will continually fulfil in new products. SANYO escalator series provides different kinds of escalators to choose from for planning the passenger flow in advance. SANYO parking system aims directly at the multi- storied buildings to offer different kinds of parking system to maximise utilization of parking space. Adopting the most advanced way to ensure safety,low shake and easy operation. We pride ourself on our ability to provide our customers a complete project tailored to their needs, delivered on-time and within budget.

Stop at the next door:

The elevator is going to the pointed floor, but the landing door can’t open. It would drive to the next floor and open the door to let the passengers leave.

Play Prevention Function:

If the passenger pushed every floor’s button, the computer would figure out the elevator’s loading capacity. After answering the nearest floor, it would dismiss the other calling message automatically.

Cancel error-carry Function:

If someone pushed the wrong button, he or she can push it once more and the wrong one would be cancelled.

Cut off the illumination and fan automatically:

If nobody to use the elevator for a period of time, it would cut off the illumination and fan. As there’s someone to use, it would start the illumination and fan automatically.

Safety Operation:

The unusual situation occurs which leads the elevator can’t stop at the standard position. It would stop at the nearest floor in a low speed. Then open the door to let the passengers leave.

Stop Operation:

During the less required time, the elevator could be called back to the stayed floor and stop operating to save the energy.

Low speed Automatic Rescue Operation:

In the event the elevator stops between floors, the cause of the malfunction will have to be checked out automatically. When the safety has been confirmed, the elevator will proceed at low speed to the nearest floor.

Arrival Gong/chime:

Car arrival gong, which will strike indicating arrival of the elevator car at a particular floor.

The Emergency Operation on Standby Power (UPS):

In the event of a power failure the in built UPS system w’l be ready automatically to get the elevator to the main floor and rescue the passengers safely. When the power supply is recovered, it would regain the normal operation automatically.

Fire Emergency Recall Operation:

The purpose of the “fire emergency recall operation” is that, when the fire happens, the elevator would down the refuge Floor Swift and accurately and stop operating, so the loss would reduce to the minimum.